• apply_filters( 'bp_core_get_root_options', $root_blog_options_meta )

    Source Reference:

    • Component: BuddyPress :: bp-core
      File: /bp-core/bp-core-functions.php :: Trac Source Line: 1051
      			$root_blog_options[$root_blog_option->name] = $root_blog_option->value;
      		// Copy the options no the return val
      		$root_blog_options_meta = $root_blog_options;
      		// Clean up our temporary copy
      		unset( $root_blog_options );
      	return apply_filters( 'bp_core_get_root_options', $root_blog_options_meta );
       * This function originally let plugins add support for pages in the root of the install.
       * These root level pages are now handled by actual WordPress pages and this function is now
       * a convenience for compatibility with the new method.
       * @global $bp BuddyPress global settings
       * @param $slug str The slug of the component

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