• apply_filters( 'bp_group_gravatar_default', $bp->grav_default->user )

    Source Reference:

    • Component: BuddyPress :: bp-core
      File: /bp-core/bp-core-loader.php :: Trac Source Line: 173
      		$current_user            = wp_get_current_user();
      		// The user ID of the user who is currently logged in.
      		$bp->loggedin_user->id   = $current_user->ID;
      		/** Avatars ***********************************************************/
      		// Fetches the default Gravatar image to use if the user/group/blog has no avatar or gravatar
      		$bp->grav_default->user  = apply_filters( 'bp_user_gravatar_default',  $bp->site_options['avatar_default'] );
      		$bp->grav_default->group = apply_filters( 'bp_group_gravatar_default', $bp->grav_default->user );
      		$bp->grav_default->blog  = apply_filters( 'bp_blog_gravatar_default',  $bp->grav_default->user );
      		// Notifications Table
      		$bp->core->table_name_notifications = $bp->table_prefix . 'bp_notifications';
      		 * Used to determine if user has admin rights on current content. If the
      		 * logged in user is viewing their own profile and wants to delete
      		 * something, is_item_admin is used. This is a generic variable so it
      		 * can be used by other components. It can also be modified, so when

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