• do_action( 'bp_core_setup_globals' )

    Source Reference:

    • Component: BuddyPress:: bp-core
      File: /bp-core/bp-core-loader.php :: Trac Source Line: 192
      		 * can be used by other components. It can also be modified, so when
      		 * viewing a group 'is_item_admin' would be 'true' if they are a group
      		 * admin, and 'false' if they are not.
      		bp_update_is_item_admin( bp_user_has_access(), 'core' );
      		// Is the logged in user is a mod for the current item?
      		bp_update_is_item_mod( false,                  'core' );
      		do_action( 'bp_core_setup_globals' );
      	function setup_nav() {
      		global $bp;
      		 * If the extended profiles component is disabled, we need to revert to using the
      		 * built in WordPress profile information
      		if ( !bp_is_active( 'xprofile' ) ) {

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