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A web browser extension for the VWVortex, The Car Lounge, Fourtitude, and AudiZine community forums


Works on VWvortex (testing needs to be done on sister sites) & AudiZine forums (needs testing)
– I’ll consider other major vBul automotive based forums, must be vBul4.0+

SuperSizeMe mode – removes all extra whitespace from layout

HidePage – keyboard shortcut to hide forum page quickly – for the cubeworkers.

MyPage – pulls in data feeds for topics, forums, etc on main forum page

Highlighting – selectable colors for different members (friends, mods, advertisers)

Full User Ignore – removes threads created by, quoted by, and the default vBul ignore message within threads

Thread Previews – hover over the [p] or last post to display

Forum Previews – hover over the [p] to display new posts for a given forum

Kill Threads – 75 per forum restriction
Kill Stickies
Kill Locks

Forum Refresh – select interval to auto refresh the page

First Post excerpt – on secondary thread pages – displays the first post

Kill Quoted Images

Kill Quotes in Signatures

Quick Reply

Emoticons – unlimited, just copy/paste in the url to whatever image you want. I’ll add in a selectable list of greenies soon.

Data is parsed in the background every 5 minutes or so



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