[RETIRED] BuddyPress XMLRPC – Receiver

This plugin is no longer active for current versions of BuddyPress.


BuddyPress XMLRPC - Receiver Info

  • Latest Version: 0.1.0
  • Downloads: 1,182
  • Last Updated: 2483 days ago
  • Requires WordPress Version: PHP 5.2, WordPress 2.9.2, BuddyPress
  • Tested compatible up to: PHP 5.2.x, WordPress 2.9.2, BuddyPress
  • Requires PHP5: Learn more


This plugin will not be updated for future versions of BuddyPress (1.3) - if you would like to take over this plugin, please contact me. http://twitter.com/#!/etiviti/statuses/29550143485247489

This plugin allows certain XML-RPC commands for BuddyPress (Requires a client!)

A client application is required to connect to this BuddyPress XML-RPC - Receiver plugin. This could be anything from a standalone WordPress plugin to an iPhone app.

Please read the FAQ and About Page.

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  • First [BETA] version